Broders’ Pasta Bar (i.e. my absolute favorite)

Oh Broders’, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…

  • I love that you are the perfect date spot
  • I love your intimate patio that focuses on small plates (many of them grilled) and great wine
  • I love sitting at your pasta bar and visiting with other patrons which inevitably leads to recommendations and discussion about other wonderful restaurants
  • I love your servers (always the same 3) who have been there for years and know your menu inside and out
  • I love your inverted colander lights that give off the perfect soft ambient light
  • I love your pasta (do I even need to mention this??) and unique, unexpected, simple flavor combinations
  • I love your insalate, antipasti, dolci, vino, espresso…

My husband and I went on a date to Broders’ Pasta Bar a couple of weeks ago and as usual, it did not disappoint.  We had the pleasure of sitting at the Antipasto Bar outside and the Pasta Bar inside and we also got to meet and visit with Charlie Broder, the general manager of the restaurant.  Charlie has been working in the restaurant and across the street at Broders’ Cucina Italiana (think deli, takeout, imported products) since he was a child.  While the restaurant is family run, it is interesting that no one in the family is Italian.  The space that the restaurant occupies used to be a gas station and although the restaurant has been open and successful for many years, the location at 50th Street and Penn Avenue in South Minneapolis is still Broders’ only location in the Twin Cities.  Despite lines of hungry customers everyday of the week, Broders’ has not expanded it’s successful business.  And I for one am happy about this.  There is something about waiting for your table with giddy anticipation about what the nightly specials might be and the sheer joy of feeling like you have just won the lottery when they finally tell you that your table is ready.  The wait is always worth it.

 “Ocean City shrimp”, old bay, lemon, olive oil

 polenta cakes with tomato, mushroom & caper ragu

 burrata, local baby lettuce, fava beans & wild arugula

 capellini with crab, red & green chilies, tomato & white wine

 ravioli con prosciutto di parma:  house made goat cheese ravioli with prosciutto di parma & smoked mozzarella


 carrot cake:  cream cheese frosting, pine nuts, honey & carrots

 Ahhh, la dolce vita

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